LAUFSGUETER is the heart project of Fabian Laufs. 
The idea is to craft high quality products, which last long, are functional & good in design. 

Every product is handmade with best materials.

"I love design & high quality. Since I can remember, I've been obsessed with furniture, clothes and durable, beautiful things. Every time my friends come to my place, they look for new stuff and ask where I got it. Before I buy anything, I deal extensively with the product to discover which is best suited for me. Beyond that, my parents have been goldsmiths for over 40 years and have taught me a lot about haptics, design and processing. 
I'm trying to combine all this in my products and create my personal best solution for the respective product.
This is why the key products have the suffix "LOESUNG" in their product name.
They are my solutions for the specific products.

They are my "LAUFSGUETER". (IPA: [ˈlaʊ̯fsɡyːtɐ])

I hope you enjoy them as much as i do."

Fabian Laufs, Founder